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Dentalehub is the brainchild of Natalia Mena, RDH-BBA, a dental clinician with experience in all aspects of dentistry.

Natalia saw there was a need to facilitate and bring all the dental information into one place for dental professionals.  She also realized there was a great opportunity for Dental specific marketing.  She is passionate about innovation, quality improvement, and connecting professionals to each other, and to the information and services they need.

As Dental Professionals, we have always wanted a single place where we could find our colleagues, research information, and vendors.  It would be kind of a marketplace, where other professional would rate the services of vendors, and patients could easily find the most convenient dental care.

We have built such a thing: Dental E Hub.

Dental E Hub is designed to be the leading source of information for all Dental Practitioners(including Dentists and Hygienists).  We will bridge Clinicians, patients and dental suppliers all on a single platform.

As we grow, Dental E Hub will become the platform people go to when they need spot on information about dentists, dentistry, and suppliers.  It will even be a place where practices can find new professionals to hire.

      Natalia would like to personally invite you to join a dental community with you in mind.  




To Connect, educate, and raise the quality of care in the community. We are determined to be the most helpful dental website for both patients and dental professionals.


To be a contributing entity to the growth of dentistry and dental professionals by easily connecting them to the resources and information they need.


Natalia Mena- Founder

Our team is made up of computer nerds, Marketing specialists, Dentists, Hygienists, and Project managers.

Our Promise


Dental e Hub is committed to giving back to those in need. A percentage of our proceeds will be donated back to the local community for those unable to afford dental care.

Are you interested in joining forces to give back to the community? contact us! info@dentalehub.com

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Do you have a Dental service or product to share? Let us help your customers find YOU.

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At Dental eHub, our expert consultants are passionate about helping your dental business Succeed. Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in the dental field, helping Clinics thrive by implementing a personalized approach with best industry practices.

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