Pre Anesthesia Preparation

22 Nov 2017

Some dental procedures may require some level of sedation to avoid pain or overcome anxiety, especially, if children or senior patients are involved. The level of sedation may vary from very mild sedation to general anesthesia, depending on the procedure involved and the patients response. In case of general anesthesia, the patient is made completely unconscious and immobile, and must be supervised for a few hours under trained staff. It is possible that some patients have sensitivities to some medications used, and therefore, some care and pre-anesthesia preparation is necessary.

When is, anesthesia needed?

Aesthesia is needed in the following cases:

  • While performing surgical procedures that are painful.
  • In complicated and lengthy procedures where the patient must lie immobile for prolonged durations. (ex. Dental work on extensive/rampant decay)
  • When patients are highly apprehensive, restless, or non-cooperative patients.
Clinical Evaluation

An examination is necessary to assess fitness for anesthesia, especially in case of general anesthesia.

  • Patient’s medical history is to be examined to note:
    1. Allergies to medication
    2. Sugar levels
    3. Heart condition
    4. History of any surgical procedures. Normally a form will be filled which may be lengthy, but is necessary and useful.
  • Sensitivity tests will be carried out where required.
  • Patient will be instructed on what to do before their arrival to the appointment. This may include medicine and dietary advice
    that must be complied with a few hours before the operation.
Who Will Test?

Suitability test will be carried by the person or agency who will provide the anesthesia.
Such persons must be qualified and certified for this service.

Mental Preparation

A certain amount of psychological preparation may be needed in case of patients who are children, or very senior in age, or have a history of psychological or nervous problems. Both the dentist and the family can participate in this effort.

On the Day of Operation

Just before the operation, it is necessary to verify that all requirements have been met, especially those that were left to the patient and the family. Once this check is complete the patient is ready for the anesthesia.

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