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Buy Shatter Online Canada

Buy Shatter Online Canada

Cannabis concentrates are obtained through different techniques. Just as each method is different, so are its results. One of the types of extracts are resins, and one of the most popular is Shatter. To obtain this product a gas extraction technique is applied. In the process, the product changes its appearance sensationally: when it is hot, it is similar to honey, and once cooled it looks like glass.

The Shatter is one of the results of the constant search and development of alternatives for the consumption of cannabis. The extracts have always existed, but with the marijuana boom of recent years, they are now back in the spotlight. This resin modality not only enjoys more and more fans every day, but significant advances have been made in its preparation.

Which is the Secret of Shatter?

The active ingredients of cannabis, such as cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, are mostly present in flowers. One of the methods of extraction of these compounds uses butane as a critical element. The buds are soaked in butane, then crushed, strained, and finally, the solvent is allowed to evaporate. When this process is complete, a sticky, waxy mass known as cannabis oil is obtained.

Then this oil is refined with one or another method seeking to keep more or less liquid. This allows the product to be more or less concentrated. Of all the possibilities, the Shatter is the most concentrated. This incredible extract can contain THC levels between 70% and 80%. Therefore, its effect is powerful, and that's what makes it so trendy. If you want to buy shatter online in Canada, has the best for you.

Is Shatter the Future of Cannabis?

The word “shatter” comes from “shattering” because when this resin is glassy, it is straightforward to break. This significantly facilitates its consumption, and that's why many claim that this compound will be the future of marijuana. Today CBD products are indeed gaining ground, but for those who seek the playful effect of cannabis, Shatter continues its unstoppable path to the top.

However, there is still part of the public that is skeptical, as it is one of the most expensive extracts among those available. Besides, you must buy a unique bong, which implies an additional expense. Anyway, the effects are so powerful that worth the effort.

Leave Shatter Production to the Specialists

Nowadays, there are many websites on the Internet where it is explained in detail how the resin is extracted from the buds by DIY. These irresponsible sites encourage Shatter fans to make their home-made versions of the product. However, keep in mind that this is a moderate to high-risk process.

The protagonist of the method is butane, which is a highly flammable gas and can put your safety at risk. Also, when the resin is obtained, it must be ensured that the solvent comes out entirely, as it can be harmful to health when consumed. The wisest thing is to buy a good brand, guaranteeing that you have a safe product for consumption.

Do You Want to Buy Shatter Online in Canada?

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Buy Shatter Online Canada
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