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Lunch box Ideas


Here you will find great tasting HEALTHY lunch box ideas by the talented chef Cristina.

Cristina is a Chef who enjoys giving cooking classes in Dubai, she teaches Vegetarian, Mexican & Thai Cuisine; Her passion is teaching kids how to cook healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Prior to her current role, Cristina has International Culinary Experience in places like Thailand, USA, France & Mexico. Instagram: @crismg @cravencreate


Leon Douglas     

Author of Yummie4kids has written this fantastic book to help parents with healthy recipes.

  "Hi my name is Leon I'm a personal trainer based in Dubai, and an author of a book I've published yummie4kids, which help educate parents on healthy eating and how to avoid the risk of their child having diabetes or obesity. The book also teaches parents how to cook simple meals at home so they can avoid eating out at restaurants or ordering out."

You can find his book at http://www.lulu.com/shop/leon-douglas/yummie4kids/paperback/product-23530765.html



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